Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ba Xuyen | Sunset Park

Hands down one of the best traditional Bánh Mì (Vietnamese Sandwiches) i've had in Brooklyn and for the most part, NYC.

For those unfamiliar with Bánh Mì, they are simply one of the most fulfilling sandwiches you can ever imagine.  Slathered in patè, butter, pickled daikon & carrots, cilantro, jalapeños and the meat, so yum. What also makes it special is the French baguette. Crispy exterior with big crunch, but a soft chew on the inside.

I picked up chả giò (spring rolls) and fortunately they are still only 50 cents a piece.  Both are very good.  All the other packaged stuff though are suspect. I've picked up a #1, which is the typical grilled pork (thit nuong) and a bbq pork patties (nem nướng̣) and finished them both without blinking an eye....  

I washed it all down with a cup of cà phê sữa nóng (vietnamese hot coffee with condensed milk). Yes. They don't skimp out on this area as they are also purveyors and brewers of Café Du Monde's French coffee grounds.
Oh, the spring rolls? That part is self serve so go grab a set of tongs, wrapper, and go to town. Definitely a must-try if you're heading this direction.
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  1. Looks good! Will have to give it a shot!

    1. Yahh! They're awesome like that. They speak English, Canto, and Viet so that helps.

  2. You can use the french press coffee machine from to make your Du Monde's French coffee grounds with right taste of flavor.