Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mike's Donuts | Bay Ridge

amazing donuts from Mike's Donuts
A trio of fun
Mike's Donuts is figuratively the Peter Pan Donuts equivalent of South Brooklyn. There, I said it. There is no substitute and let it be known that they make their donuts fresh daily on-premises. 

Everything looks and smells wonderful and as with establishments that's been around since 1976, they have a huge following.  Let me say this- I'm now one of them. Of course, as with most businesses from the '70s, their decor is also stuck from that era. There's not much to look at. WiFi? Creature comforts? Don't ask about it. Customer service is friendly but atypical of Brooklyn, heavy handed, so get a clue as to what you want to order, pronto!

What they lack in ambiance, they make up for in their product- donuts, which they pride themselves on, and they don't disappoint.  They have a good selection but nowhere near as many or as appetizing as old-school favorites from Peter Pan Donuts, to which I compare Mike's to directly. This is not to say they fall short on anything in any way. Sometimes less (choice) is more.  I've bought the chocolate, crumb and pom pom donuts and they're as good as I've remembered them every single time. Tasty, not oily, solid texture but soft.
Jelly pom pom
Jelly Pom Pom 
Jelly pom pom
Jelly Pom Pom (split)
As with donut/coffee shops, they offer alternatives like croissants and bagels for all your breakfast needs. For everything else there's always Dunkin' across the street but why would you bother with that?

This definitely ought to be on your radar when you're in Bay Ridge and on the hunt for legitimate donuts.

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