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Wooly's Shaved Snow | Times Square

Wooly's Shaved Snow
Wooly's shaved snow is a product in the right place at the right time. An evolution of frosty desserts, their take on the snow phenomenon is as good as advertised. This brought us to how we rated it 4.8/5.0

Although it may not be ice cream or frozen yogurt, Snow ice or shaved ice, has taken hold of the city by storm. It's unmistakable once you've seen it for the first time.

It's a variation on the Korean patbingsu and Taiwanese shaved ice. Founders Danny Che, David Sat and Kenneth Sa experimented and found the right textures and put it to the test on the street. In doing so, took home a Vendy Award some years ago (2011).

Wooly's Shaved Snow w/coffee, blueberies, coconut flakes
Wooly's Shaved Snow w/coffee, blueberies, coconut flakes
Fast-forward to 2015, they're in the mobile vending space in a big way, and much has happened since then. From stints in South Street Seaport, to the Great GoogaMooga. They've found a home at City Kitchen, alongside Sigmund's Pretzels, Dough, and many more, nary a stone's throw away from Times Square.

City Kitchen by itself is a strange space, but one that seems to work for lunch-goers, and helps Row Hotel put the underutilized space to good use.

I had my first sampling of Wooly's (large, of course) the original leche (Condensed milk) with 3 toppings: blueberries, mochi, pocky along with a slathering of sea salt leche. Eschewing the need to follow others in getting coffee or green tea, i wanted to taste the ingredients and was not disappointed.

For critics who like one label over another, to them I say, to each their own.  I love both Wooly's and (for closest comparison) Snowdays. They both have their merits and greatness in their own regard. It all boils down to your own preferences and location ultimately. If I happen to be in the TSQ area, you know I'm headed straight for this kiosk, and maybe a side of Dough to go with it!
Wooly's Cart
Wooly's Cart @ City Kitchen
The only detractor, if it is even one, would be that they're not in a standalone store to host their own vibe and experience.  For now, that ambiance could only come from City Kitchen and all that it provides. Much rides on the product being held to a high standard. Definitely looking forward to see them do great things with it in another space!

Summary: A unique frozen dessert product, slightly away from the banality that is Times Square.  Set inside a food hall on a cart, this makes for a fun excursion if you venture this way, either for lunch, a weekend trip, or dessert along the way. 4.8/5.0

Wooly's is located at City Kitchen 700 8th Ave.New York, NY 10036

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