Best Pizza in NYC (COMING SOON)

What's in a slice? What makes a really good pizza? We list all the top places in the city for you to try.

Best Doughnuts in NYC (COMING SOON)

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bagatelle | MeatPacking District | Manhattan

Bagatelle, from the Italian word bagattella, meaning 'a trifle', many refer to the extravagant party thrown in Louis XVI's honor, which we're sure this restaurant was founded upon. The NYC flagship location (Las Vegas, Miami are also worth mentioning) is centered in the heart of Meatpacking District (MePa) and widely known for their over-the-top champagne brunches and vibrant nightclub atmosphere. However, it's the menu that often goes overlooked by many when they dine and we give you the scoop, perhaps befitting our own tagline.

Monday, July 20, 2015

River Dock Café | St George | Staten Island

River Dock Café is a neighborhood gem, and found within the Saint George Ferry Terminal on Staten Island. While some restaurants try to be all things to all people, River Dock doesn't pull any punches- They excel at what they're known for, and that's seafood. However, it is also more than a seafood restaurant and we explain why we believe they're worthy of 4.8/5.0