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    Sack of Bread, Escargot, Salmon Crostini
    Sack of Bread, Escargot, Salmon Crostini
    Simply put, it is the best place for a night out after work, or a date night with the SO. Amèlie simply tops the list for anything you might want to look for in a favorite wine bar. If you know of any that's better, drop me a line, b/c i haven't found one yet!

    Amélie French Bar
    22 W 8th St New York, NY 10011
    I've been here several times when I venture into Greenwich Village and I have yet to find a spot or wine bar that tops this.

    It is sleek, modern, chic, with an interesting French twist and mostly importantly, very homely.

    Happier Hour
    Happier Hour wine flight $12 per flight (used to be $10)
    Happier Hour (5-7pm) is the catchphrase for all things wine here during happy hour. For $10 $12, you choose from a flight of three generous wine pours and a complimentary sack of bread to start you off (if you order food). $6 by the glass. Quite affordable while being high quality. Two factors that are difficult to achieve in NYC, and for that matter,  (Greenwich) Village.  If dining here isn't your thing or you have plans elsewhere, nobody will judge, the staff are perfectly cool with any direction you go You're treated with as much care if you were there for five minutes or five hours. They will still gladly fill you up with yummy French bread until you explode.

    What goes well with the sacks and sacks of bread, you ask?  Anything... from the wine, escargot, fromage, charcuterie, mussels, soups, salads. I've tried them all and you really can't go wrong.

    Alas we have but one stomach to enjoy this wonderful bounty... I will return any chance I get when my plans take me to the Village.
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