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    The Boil is a bayou-style seafood joint that opened in the LES in early 2013 to high acclaim. Everything you've come to expect from The Big Easy are here, from the brown paper lined tables, the bucket used to dispose of cracked shells, food served by the pound, and the garlic and butter sifting through the air.
    Touches like the exposed brick and tech-friendly POS system remind you you're still in the city. However, this place smells like heaven, especially if you love seafood.

    The Boil Location
    139 Chrystie St New York, NY 10002
    The Boil Signage
    The Boil Signage
    Eating with your hands isn't a new thing... as a patron of The Boiling Crab, and numerous crab shacks along Maryland, which put this segment on the map for seafood lovers, I'd been anxious to compare this place for many, many months, and I'm glad to finally have that opportunity.  One of the most obvious features is the blue gloves and the bib.  Things that urbanites love right off the bat.  No need to wash your hands 50 million times to wash out the scent!  The appeal also lies within eating together as a group, like family, having a great time cracking shells and sharing the moment.  

    When we were seated we were reminded of the 1:30 time limit. Interesting, but makes sense... they typically have crowds building up from 5:30pm straight on 'til closing, so arrive early or be prepared to wait an hour or more.

    1.5lb. lobster with half pound of shrimp
    1.5lb. lobster with half pound of shrimp
    I decided on one of their combos, a 1.5lb. lobster with half pound of shrimp (crawfish were substituted out) in "TheBoil's special sauce"...I have no fondness for crawfish so this was a welcome surprise. Note that with the 2lbs of food ordered, this comes with corn and potatoes.  Win!
    Oyster sliders
    Oyster sliders
    We also ordered cajun fries and oyster sliders.  The fries come with a spicy remoulade sauce that goes well with the crunchy season fries.  The sliders with the breaded oysters were fried to perfection.  The goods were delivered soon ofter in an obligatory plastic bag of yumminess, opened up in front of us for us to dive in.

    (Pro tip: take your foodie pictures before you start digging in and then put your technology away! You're welcome.)

    You know when the food is fantastic when there's a distinct silence befallen at the table. (This is a good thing, yes?)
    Cajun Fries
    Cajun fries
    Throughout service, the servers were attentive and stayed on top of everything, including water, swapping out buckets full of shells, and handing out towelettes/wetnaps,which was just awesome. (I'm told that service may vary but it was not the case with our table.)

    The Boil deserves high marks, which compare favorably to the segment they represent. As a first-timer here, I am impressed and will likely be back for more.  It's no wonder why countless New Yorkers understandably wait patiently for a table here in the LES. This nets them a 5.0/5.0 from us!
    The BoilThe Boil
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