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    Gochujang burger deluxe
    (Gochujang burger deluxe)
    I visited the Cinnamon Snail at the final week of their successful journey through the food truck scene. Coined as perhaps one of the most instagrammed vendors in 2014, Cinnamon Snail in 2015 sure didn't disappoint either.  Their food is just as advertised, and deserving of the 5.0/5.0 and here's why.

    As a food truck, ixnay the ambiance/decor, there is no storefront. They make up for it by maintaining customer service at a high level and calling attention to taste via their food. I had always known vegetarian and along that vein, vegan cuisine could reach that level level. My cousin is a testament to this as he's also an accomplished vegan chef who sought and still plans to try his hand at the L.A. food truck scene.  That said, Cinnamon Snail hits the nail on the head. They provide a breakfast service and a lunch service.

    Everything my friends and I ordered... what can I say?

    Cinnamon Snail Truck
    Cinnamon Snail Truck - Parked in Flatiron 22nd & 5th Ave

    We were left wanting... and waiting.  Wait we did. The line stretched that morning into the afternoon, a half a block during lunch service peak- A testament to their food. Why, only weeks prior there were no lines to be seen at all!  What a difference one week makes.  (Yes, the city dealt them a raw deal by not renewing their permit. The ceased operations on Feb 28, at least in NYC).

    I ordered the cinnamon snail, their take on the cinnamon bun, the gochujang burger deluxe, and a lentil curry puff.

    The Gochujang burger is perhaps the most coveted item on their menu next to their pastries at the Vendy awards and by mass media. An Ancho Chili Seitan Burger with the most familar of Korean chili pastes in recent memory, Gochujang has a nice bite, but not as strong and sharp as kimchi. This sauce is a proverbial favorite amongst chefs who like applying heat while not overwhelming taste.  (Yes, I'm looking at you, B. Flay).  Piri piri pepper sauce, and horseradish cream round out the seasoning all embedded within a gargantuan sized grilled herb focaccia. Although a bit of a mess, there is ample flavor and mild heat in every hearty bite. Satisfaction guaranteed.

    Thanksgiving Sandoo
    Thanksgiving Sandoo
    Another standout that I didn't get a chance to order was the Thanksgiving Sandoo. This beautiful porcini mushroom simmered seitan baguette sandwich is heavenly, too.

    cinnamon snail
    Cinnamon Snail
    The cinnamon snail tasted every bit as good as any other cinnamon roll. Is it healthier? Hell if I know, but I'll eat it anyway.

    curry lentil puff
    curry lentil puff
    The curry lentil puff, although flaky and tasty, wasn't so until I heated it up in a toaster oven. I'm no fan of lentil, but paired in a puff pastry shell with curry spices adds that more intrigue.

    Cinnamon spice donut
    Cinnamon spice donut
    What we know is this.  There is staying power to their brand, and as far as we know, they'll continue participating in large events, pop-ups and catering events.  We await further news of any developments of a brick and mortar presence. I for one am a fan. 

    Rating: 5.0/5.0
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