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    Bagatelle NYC Mega Sundae is LITTT
    We were invited to return to posh, upscale Bagatelle's flagship restaurant in the Meatpacking District (MePa), known for the energy and over-the-top fun for all, including celebrities and socialites.  As a fun, crazy nightclub atmosphere still persists, the fun extends to their menu, as mentioned in our last write up and continues with the spring menu introduction.

    Although a still brisk night in Spring, we dined indoors for a change. The windows were opened to let in the cool air.  Newly introduced Executive Chef Nico Frézal takes over the same week we dined and we're glad we did. He excelled at the full course that was laid before us.

    king crab ceviche
    The king crab ceviche which was brought out before the mains, was light and refreshing, much like the tuna and beef tartar (not shown) that arrived soon after.  They were simple, yet elegant, and although I'm not much on tartar, thought they were well represented in flavor and presentation. I was not a fan before digging until it, but it was light yet delectable.  I personally love ceviche, with its nice balance and acidity. It set the tone for the rest of the meal.


    Two of the things I look forward to most when coming to Bagatelle are their octopus and the gnocchi dishes. They seem to get (understand) me. Cooked just right, these two would have otherwise made my day had it not been for their other equally amazing mains/entrées.  Gnocchi was buttery smooth and laden with fragrant truffle oil.  The elegant arrangement of octopus is surpassed by only its flavor.  One dish we were remiss to provide pictures for was the ravioli dish, while providing great presentation was remarkable were eclipsed by the other excellent dishes.

    black truffle pizza
    While the French are not known for pizza, Bagatelle's take on the Italian import involves plenty of truffle since everything simply tastes better not only with truffle oil, but truffles. It looks as good as it tastes- fabulously decadent.

    The linguini spiny lobster hit the top of my list for taste and decadence at Bagatelle. Both dreamy and flavorful, with every bite tantalized the palate and solicited the envy of onlookers. Every party ought to splurge on this one.

    whole chicken with black truffle
    The whole chicken that was prepared for us was infused with black truffle, which was subtle but delightful. Presentation was great as can be expected and came pretty similarly to the last time I've had this dish.

    duck special
    One unexpected surprise was the duck special, which if I had not been told would have assumed it was beef. Look, smell, and taste was nothing short of sublime.

    cod dish (special)
    The cod dish (special) would have been plain had it not been complemented by clams surrounding the perimeter.  This was cooked/prepared just right, as it gave in to my fork at every stab.

    tart lemon
    Dessert-wise, they are no slouches at either.  Two chocolate mousses, a pavlova, choux, a special éclair and tart lemon plates arrived to much fanfare. While I love desserts, the choux and tart (shown above) stood out the most for me. Every forkful, citrusy bite was heaven.  The buttery tart complemented the creme above.

    Finally, we were surprised to see their Mega-Sundae make a re-appearance this time around.  The decadent cookie, brownie, ice cream concoction arrived at our table with jealous onlookers looking on as our waiters brought out the trick candles. You could say it was the only thing lit in the whole room.

    All in all, a well-executed menu with an exciting new executive chef, Chef Nico, and a new Spring menu.  Make a statement by stopping in the next time you find yourself in the Chelsea/Meatpacking area!

    1 Little W 12th St, New York, NY 10014
    Phone:(212) 488-2110


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    Complete photo set as follows:
    Bagatelle NYC Mega Sundae is LITTT
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