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    The Last Unicorn Burger
    The Baroness in Long Island City (known by many to be a burger haven) is the latest to introduce a new burger incarnation, one of only a few allowed to collaborate with The Bagel Store, dubbed The Last Unicorn Burger.  Their cozy atmosphere, accessibility and friendly service did for the most part, lend itself to our 4.7/5.0 rating.
    The bar featuring The Baroness (Courtesy of Thrillist)
    The bar feat. The Baroness (Courtesy of Thrillist)
    The Baroness is easy to visit to as they're right off the Queensboro Plaza (N/Q/7) stop, which is barely ten minutes outside of midtown.  Although they're on a side street nestled between corporate buildings (Crescent St), you really can't miss them either.  Their gated entrance, dimly lit interior, and cool music/vibe will draw just about anyone in.  Ambiance is as-expected of bars; Happy hour drinks will also draw office workers in, but the main draw here are their burgers, even before the latest resurgence of craft burgers began taking NYC by storm.

    un'wings, chipotle-dusted w/honey mustard
    un'wings, chipotle-dusted w/honey mustard
    We had started with some un'wings, which are a healthy, white meat alternative to chicken tenders. They're essentially skewers with your choice of sauce.  We chose chipotle-duted with honey mustard and they were about as familiar as Thai chicken skewers. We also had the spicy and non-spicy ahi cupcakes. They're phyllo cups laden with ahi tuna and cucumbers- interesting, tasty little bites to ward off the munchies.

    Menu cover
    Menu cover
    Upon ordering, we were bombarded by the amount of amazing looking burgers on their menu.  I'll honestly be back for more as it bears checking on from time to time.  They're also not overwhelmingly expensive either and that part's important. What is striking though is the lack of fries anywhere on the menu.  Please considering adding seasoned waffles fries?

    A 3D panorama of The Last Unicorn Burger via Fyuse

    Burger ordered: The Last Unicorn Burger is a collaboration with The Bagel Store's now-infamous rainbow bagel, and The Baroness' (Chef Will)'s prowess at making them taste fabulous.  Visually, the burger and complete presentation is stunning.  The rainbow bagel is grilled on the inside, steamed on the outside.  Two types of cream cheese savory red-ketchup on the top and Jalapeno-Scallion neon green cream cheese slathered on the meat,  8oz of Pat La Frieda brisket-blended burger patty, romaine lettuce and beefsteak tomato, is complemented by a trick candle to offer a feast for the senses, eyes and mouth.  Cheddar-dust line the exterior and plating and it's further topped with chives and bacon sprinkles.

    The Last Unicorn Burger with our mascot
    The Last Unicorn Burger (seen lusted over by our mascot)
    Get your cameras out. This one's for the Insta!  Truth be told though, the burger is worth looking into as it offers a different take on the burger genre.  The texture of this carb give it a nice chew akin to pretzel buns.  The cream cheese, although seemingly strange in the context of burgers, offers a creamy texture more akin to sour cream when pressed with the beef patty. 

    Although savory as-is, we'd be curious to see if perhaps sauteed onions and mushrooms instead of lettuce and tomato would give it more savory depth.  The hole in the middle of the bun/bagel lent itself to a messy experience, but that's fine as as far as burgers go.  Just know that that's what's bound to happen.  (UpdateWe're told they now are being supplied a custom bagel made for them that excludes the hole atypical of bagels to make for a better bun.  As an aside, the burger is offered with a house salad, however we chose Jalapeño Cheddar Mac and Cheese for a small upcharge because... Mac and Cheese.  Again, why no fries?
    (Update) The Baroness team dropped us a note that talks about their struggles with building ventilation, hence the alternatives like chips, salads, mac n' cheese.

    They have a very capable bar ready to mix your own craft concoction and although I didn't put that to the test, I might do so next time. With or without happy hour, their ample craft beer selection to go with your burger is worth noting.  Service was stellar, and eager to please.  They came back to check often, and made sure everything was satisfactory.

    The Last Unicorn Burger is a limited run, so act fast, but definitely check out the other burgers they have available. I know I will.  The cool vibe, craft beer selection, vast menu of appetizers and entrees, amenable service yields them a favorable rating.  Returning here is warranted, just to try each of the rotating specials that they come up with next! 4.7/5.0

    The Baroness
    4126 Crescent Street
    Queens, NY 11101

    The Baroness

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